Goodbye 2019 – hello 2020


Lots of highs and lots of lows! I proved to myself that I CAN DO IT and even though I’m currently resting and recovering I’m sure I now know my limits! My family and friends have yet again been beyond exceptional and encouraging every step of the way! There are certainly some parts of 2019 I couldn’t have done on my own and thankfully I’ve had the support.

I’ve worked as a reliever and loved every minute of it, I’ve met new people and rekindled some old friendships. I’ve been in the place at the time of our first terror attack and never thought in a million years I’d be in lockdown in New Zealand, but I know this has made me stronger and more appreciative of the life I have! I gained a new housemate – who I love to bits and wouldn’t cope without her sometimes. Even though we are still sorting things out – I love the fun we all have!

I went back into a full time role at work doing what I love, but things just got beyond me with so many changes happening. I know this has taught me heaps though and I’m excited for what 2020 holds for me on this front – lots of hopes and dreams that I can make reality with those I love the most.

On the marching front – well what can I say – our team is so cool to be involved with and we have so much fun! The girls improve every time we take them and it’s so exciting to see where their journey will head next! I’m also so appreciative of all the family I have with marching right across the country. You all support me so much more than you know. I live seeing you all and you know I’m passionate about the sport we all love and it always gives me a focus and a smile.

Netball saw me so much more involved this year – not only with our awesome and fun team, but doing the bench official role and being on the organising committee for events at the club, which gave me so much confidence and a variety of experiences. Thank you to all on the netball front for your constant laughs and encouragement. I love my involvement with the community in these things.

Finally you get nowhere in life without the love of family and friends. So I thank each and everyone of you for your constant support, messages and love. I have picked you to be my friends for a reason and that will never change. Dealing with anxiety and depression is not easy at all, but you guys allowing me to write my thoughts and feelings sure helps me and your comments give me so much hope and motivation.

I hope 2020 – the start of a new decade – can be the start of many new and exciting possibilities for us all! To all of you (my family and friends) – Happy New Year! Be safe and have lots of laughs! Much love  to you all and thank you xxx BRING ON 2020!

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  1. 21 years of anxiety here and was thinking my life was going to be the same every day, big changes in the last 6 months and im actually pretty excited for 2020 and what it holds. Happy new years Melissa and remember im a messenger away lol

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