Christmas is coming…..

So tonight I thought was going to be an early night for me as I’m exhausted, but here I am wide awake yet again and I haven’t even been on my phone (it’s a god dam Christmas miracle)! Anyway I may as well put some of these things in my head on paper – so here goes!

Well it’s that time of year again. The time that I love the most, but also fear the most as I know it can be hard and I’m never too sure what I’m gonna be like! There is a lot of extra stress getting things organised, cleaning, shopping – all things I find hard some days, I mean hell some days I don’t even wanna get out of bed or have a shower (and those who know me well know I don’t function without one in the morning). There’s lots of sleepless nights with a million things going on in my brain! Yes I know I’ve eliminated some stresses from my life, but in my state of mind even doing washing can be a huge task/stress. Also Christmas Day can be overwhelming and over stimulating for my brain so I just have to try and relax a bit and take life one step, one minute, one day at a time. RELAX haha not a word I understand or grasp the concept of fully!

Anyway you all know I’m a bit of a people pleaser and will do anything to make others happy, so this past week I’ve been feeling like I need to help others but I have just not been too sure how?! I know there’s lots of things I do within the community that’s of a voluntary nature, but I just wanna do more. It’s kind of hard when I’m not particularly well off cause you can’t be like a Christmas fairy and give gifts/money to those less fortunate, even though I would love to do this….. So to help me feel good about myself I did one little thing the other day! It was windy on rubbish day and a whole lot of bins around town were blown over onto the road, so much to my sister and nieces embarrassment I had to stop and pick them up. They were like omg you’re crazy, but I said no I’m just a nice person that wants to do good. Honestly I know it’s a really small thing, but man I felt good afterwards. I also like to do little random acts of kindness when I can. So be aware cause you never know when something might pop up from me 😊. Anyway I’m not going to give away all my secrets in one hit! I have to keep a few of my trademarks to myself!!!

Finally since I have spare time on my hands and it’s the holiday season I look forward to some catch ups! If you’re in my neck of the woods, or have some spare time, remember I love to catch up! Dinner, drinks, chit chat and laughter – any or all of these things….. If you need someone to do the simple things for you – sober drive, collect mail, feed animals or look after children remember I’m very qualified to do all of these things 😃 and love doing it! So give me a sing out. Anyway I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones and you all get very spoilt! Remember to take care of yourself and those around you and that you never know what is going on for someone on the inside, when they look perfectly happy on the outside! So be nice to one another, be patient, supportive and safe! Loads of Christmas wishes from me to all of you🎄🎅🎁❤️ MERRY CHRISTMAS xxx

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  1. Merry Christmas little Santa Elf doing all your good work around town 😆. We are off on holiday in March if you want to come and look after our garden 😄😅😆😘. :You have a fabulous Christmas with the whole family and a great New Year. Love Judi and Robert xxxx

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