On top of life…..

Hey followers,

I thought since dropping the news that I now have a full time job I should write a blog about where I’m at….. Obviously things are definitely on the up for me and each and everyday I seem to become stronger than the day before! Yes I still have set backs – hell yesterday afternoon was one of those moments! I’m sure it’s pressure that sometimes gets to me. I knew I had a big night last night and I know I don’t cope as well as I did anymore and I guess that stressed me a bit, coupled with the fact I wanted to do something and couldn’t for various reasons. However I dug deep and pulled myself out of the hole I was in at 2.30pm to make it to the function I had just after 4pm and I stayed pretty much to the end!

I had a great night with some awesome people who support me and protect me more than they probably realise! In some ways I enjoy life more than ever before, which I guess shows my strength to overcome some bad situations. Other times I’m still timid and wish I could do what I want to do more 🤪. Anyway I guess that as my confidence continues to grow I will develop more courage to take some other risks in life!

On the work front well I’m loving my job and the way I’m coping with it and all the other extra curricular activities I’m involved with 🙄. Maybe one day I will learn to say no, but then I wouldn’t have met the amazing people I have in my life! I know there are still pieces of my puzzle missing, but I know each day I build on the finished picture I want for me to achieve!It’s so nice to be able to be the one that can support others again financially and from my experiences with anxiety and depression! I have so many people that give me so much love, support and comfort and the little things like a smile, wave or acknowledgement goes a long way to making my day!

Thank you all for the support and know I continue to appreciate all you do for me. Please know that I’m always here as a listening ear, a friend or just someone you want to have a giggle with or a night out! I’m happy and consider all those I have a connection with a lifelong friend 😍❤️