Moving on forward……

Who believes in premonitions? Well I never did and still am not sure I do but when you have some pretty vivid dreams and then things happen you begin to question yourself…… I’ve researched it but still don’t trust what has happened. So I guess I’ll just have to leave it and see if anything else happens, but several things I have dreamt about have happened not in exactly the same way, relatively soon afterwards – scary stuff! 

Anyway this is a super positive post – I’m doing great! Pretty much working as a full time reliever in an infants and toddler room, apart from a stupid tummy bug which has set me on my bottom at the moment! Absolutely loving what I’m doing as the people I’m working with. I’m fully involved in outside activities with netball managing, netball bench official, watching rugby, being on the social committee for rugby/netball club and coaching our under 12s at marching. Yea yea I know I’m spreading myself a bit thin at times, and I need to learn to say no, but I realise this and this wee bug has reminded me to slow down a little and make sure I’m looking after me first and foremost! Although I can’t help but caring for others and wanting to do as much as possible to support others – it’s just in my heart 💓…. 

I want to spend more time with my family too. Everyone knows how much love I have for them all and I wanna be able to go out for dinner with them (without having prior plans) and go to the movies (something I haven’t done for about 18 months). I loved the time I spent with everyone over Easter. Lots of fun, laughter and card games with the most amazing people in my life! It’s easier to enjoy getting out now I have some $ in the bank again! I’m still loving my scrapbooking and have several projects on the go 🙄…… I’ve also even had a few drinks! Pacing myself of course and remembering that I’m on medication and to not be silly about it all! It’s lovely to socialise though with my friends and have a drink when I feel the need/want too. 

Anyway I’m ready to continue conquering the world and still appreciate all the support you all give me! I’m always here if anyone wants to talk – even though I can sometimes be really boring! 🤣