Are you caring about number one?

Do you ever feel like you’re just doing life to please others? Sometimes I do! If only I could make the decisions about how my day would run….. you might say maybe I can! Maybe I need to be a bit more assertive. I think since I got sick I’ve just tried to please everyone so they think I’m ok, but really I should be putting myself first more, in fact we all should be! It’s not about making sure we look after everyone else’s needs, although we all still care, but if your own tank is running on empty then you can’t do nothing for anyone else! So it’s important to remember to take care of number one no matter the situation. After all we cannot drink from an empty cup and I’m sure most of us have learnt this at some point in our lives.

For those of you who don’t know or are tuning in for the first time, my roller coaster ride continues. It’s like one of those coasters that one minute you’re laughing and enjoying every minute of everything you do and the next you’re upside down with your legs dangling above your head!!!! I mean I’m living the dream and doing almost everything in life the way I want to and then crash – It all comes tumbling down! A year of refocusing and changing my lifestyle, then back to doing what I love, until I crash and burn yet again. I let things get on top of me, I let people and situations stress me and push me to my limit! I take everything to heart and loose my focus, particularly between genuine and fake. I ride the wave of life, but then let things drag me under.

Why should the person making the silly remarks about me bother me? Do I care that I got deleted on social media? Why should others be able to dictate how I live my life? Do I really care what people say and think of me? One silly thing and I’m on the downward slope! Come on Melissa you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’ve been there and know it’s possible!

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to change my thinking! The only way is up! Do me! Do what makes me happy! However life happens and you slip back down….. I wrote this blog a month ago but today it’s still as relevant as ever. Maybe this holiday is what I need! Hopefully it will help me to block out the negative and focus on the positive! There’s still lots of things that happen that I simply don’t get or understand, but I’m trying to be on top of life and find my people and my place to help me keep moving forward. So for now see ya later mate I’m off to enjoy the GC!

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