A major setback….

Today marks day number 20 of simply being on edge. Yep 20 days ago I had a panic attack and I haven’t really found my way back since….. I am not sure what normal is at this point in time and I don’t know how many more days I can take. I’ve had every part/symptom of anxiety you can think of from an ongoing constant headache, fatigue, exhaustion, painful jaw and teeth, racing heart, tight chest, tense shoulders, upset tummy, nausea, sleepiness, sleeplessness, bad dreams, reliving moments, restless legs – you name it, I’ve felt it in these past 20 days. I’m just about at the bottom of the hole and I’m not sure I can dig my way back out of this one. Nothing excites me at the moment and I feel like I have nothing to look forward too! I lack motivation for the everyday tasks and I don’t seem to have a passion for much at all, which those who know me really well know I’m quite a passionate person. I even think my family has lost faith in me. Normally they want to talk to me but they’ve all been shying away the past couple of days and only say what needs to be said! The whole world is on top of me and I’m drowning in stuff I need to do but simply don’t know where to start with. People say they are here for me, but I’m not sure they know the extent to which I need them. It’s currently 2.30am, I can’t sleep, my head is constantly aching and I need to get up soon and do life like I’m 100% on top of my game, wearing a smile and happy as can be…… I don’t know how to do this? Why did things have to change and upset my rhythm. I was coasting along smoothly and then bang I’m back at the beginning…. when will I be ok again?

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  1. Hi hun I have struggled from pats, anxiety and depression after being in out of hosp 16 months and a beautiful lady put me onto gabe
    It’s natural cheap and omg it Carl’s my farm sooooo much. And I’m starting to be able to leave the house . I had to move out of taranski to recover as I was over people asking me if I was ok

    But for $11 it’s life changing I punished myself for 14 years amd I swear by it and I was highly medicated

  2. Hi Melissa it all takes time I know exactly what you were going through this happen to me when I was 18 and again when I had krystal you will get through this I did some therapy through the hospital it helped me alot you will get there it just takes time I still take my meds every day and maybe for the rest of my life. Maybe you might need to try a different medication to help you. Krystal has really bad anxiety to she has just change and up her meds maybe you need to talk to your doctor to,hope you feel better soon xxxxx

  3. You know what Melissa, excuse my language, but sometimes life is a c*nt!
    Think about what used to make you happy and keeping being honest about how your feeling xxx

    1. Your the kindest llovliest person Melissa. Gosh one day u and I need to get together and chat. Take care and I hope you find something to help you. Come. Walk with me if u like. Just let me know how I can help in Any way.

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