Anxiety poem

This is a poem of sorts that I’ve put together about how it feels when anxiety kicks in and a panic attack starts. This past week I have taken some time to myself to recover from an attack I had and really didn’t see coming. Just a lot of stress built up and hit the surface. Anyway I’m looking forward to normality again and hope this poem helps or resonates with some of you (I’m not even sure I know how to write a poem, but here goes)……


I’m listening, but I can’t really hear you

I’m feeling, but everything is numb

I’m seeing, but the walls are closing in. 

My heart starts to race,

My head starts to spin,

My body is shaking and I loose all control.

I want it to stop, but the tears start to stream

I’m loosing myself with the fog in my brain,

I try hard to breathe, but my chest is all tight

How can I stop this? When will I be right?

I just need time, time just to breathe, time to regain focus and somebody to love.

I’m back on this earth and ready to go, I wonder how long until the next blow…..

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