Don’t become another statistic…..

So I thought since it is suicide prevention day, it’s great to reflect and reminisce about how far I have come in the past couple of years. I mean I personally have never tried to do anything to harm myself, but I cannot say that the thought never crossed my mind. Therefore I absolutely understand how your head can be so messed up that you don’t know what you’re doing and just think no one cares, wants to help or even know what is going on. Being in a bad place is not easy for anyone, but being in such a deep dark hole that you think you can’t EVER get out of is total torture.

I know that there is still such a huge stigma about mental health in our country, even though it’s starting to get a bit more understood, but statistics show that more people died from suicide in New Zealand this past year than on our roads (and look at the ad campaigns pushing us to wear seatbelts, drive slow and not drink and drive). Yes there are advertisements for mental health, but at the end of the day all you want is to be loved and cared for from all your support network.

If someone you love reaches out for love, show them how much you care! Don’t let them keep trucking on thinking they are a hindrance and not important to you. All I ever wanted was my family and friends to be with me and do the things I love! I needed time and space and sometimes I still do. Sometimes we just need somewhere quiet to sit and reflect, but it’s important to know that someone cares enough to know where you are and to let you know you’re there if needed.

I still get overwhelmed when there are lots of people around, particularly all talking at once and sometimes I can’t deal with too many things in one day. I still get VERY tired and my body gets stressed and hurts, but I am doing a lot better at handling myself. Trust me you know when I’m tired or have had enough by my little outbursts, which might I add I do not always have control over. Yes I’m back working full time, but I am also learning my limits and towards the end of the week I start getting pretty stuffed, but I try to listen to my body and think about what is right for me to do!

Anyway in short I ask you all this – PLEASE check in with each other and ask ‘are you ok’ if you think you need too. Be there for your friends, family and loved ones! Let them know you care and love them, don’t give them reason to believe you don’t want to be around, especially those that are struggling. Talk to them when they talk to you and offer an ear or shoulder when it’s needed. BE THERE AND SHOW YOU CARE! Let your loved ones know they’re worth it. Let’s kick suicide in the butt and prevent it as much as we can.

Loads of love to all of you who have helped me on this journey xxxx

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  1. Well said Mel! Not only do we have to ask RU OK but we then have to listen and open up to those talking to let them know they are not alone. We all have our down moments we just have to own and share them.

    Hope you have a great day and a great relax at the end of each day to give your mind and body the recovery time it needs.

    Love and hugs to you today and always xx

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